The Hernandez Family

The Hernandez Family

If you read my earlier posts, you would see that 2014 was another good year in the housing industry for the nation, however, it dipped a little with regard to Average Home Sale Prices. That is not terribly bad BUT…….St. Charles County is not National and everyone should know by now that, “Real Estate Is Local!!!” So, with that being said, 2014 was an OUTSTANDING year for St. Charles County Real Estate!!! Since it was such a Great year, I would like to share the 2014 School District Housing Stats with you.

We have a strong economy but more important than that, to me anyway, is that our local schools are are thriving which in turn is resulting in growth. Liberty High School has entered its 2nd year of existence and I have heard nothing but great things about the teachers, administration, academics, and athletics!!! My children do not go there but I still Love to see that it is doing so well. As a result, the housing market around that school is also growing, as many others are.

We ALL love pictures and I will give you plenty of those here shortly but first, let me give you the St. Charles County housing stats for 2014. 2014 saw an increase↑ of 9.9% in Total Home Sales over the previous year of 2013 of 5,857 to 5,911. Home Sales Volume also increased in 2014 compared to 2013 at a total volume of $1,220,602,241 up from $1,139,799,991. That is an increase by 9.3% for a difference of $80,802,250!!!! Why am I so excited about that??? Yes, REALTORS® sold more houses (54 more in 2014 than in 2013) but MORE important than that, Home PricesINCREASED⇑ from a 2013 Avg. Home Sale Price of $194,605 to a 2014 Avg. Home Sale Price of$206,497!!! That is an increase of $11,892, up 9.4% from the previous year! That means that homeowners’ property values are increasing which puts money in your pocket when you sell, helps generate funds for a down payment on your next home, and also helps those who have been “under water” on their home for the past few years, which has been preventing them from refinancing or selling their home.

Like I said earlier, our county is thriving and growing. Home Sales are an indication of a good economy but they also indicate where people are buying homes. That leads me to our School District Stats. I wrote a post this past fall about which school district had the most home sales in the previous 3 months (view Blog Post Here) and I announced the “winner” so to speak. Wentzville-Timberland had the honor for that time period. Well, now that 2014 has concluded, it is time to see WHO/WHICH School District won the “Distinct Honor” (based upon our housing stats) of having the Most Homes Sold in 2014!!!!

Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, Wait, Wait…………

Let’s break this up into 2 Categories: Whole School District and then Individual School Area. I do NOT believe in “Participation Awards” but I DO NOT want to discount the all important question of, “What high school did you go to?” So with that question in mind, we will also award an Individual School Winner.

Again…….Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The School DISTRICT Winner with the MOST Home Sales in 2014 is:



CONGRATULATIONS Francis Howell School District!!!!! You are the Winner with 1,778 Home Sales in 2014!!! You also had an Avg. Home Sale Price of $221,185. The rest of the list is as follows:

  • Ft. Zumwalt-1,746 ($194,115)
  • Wentzville-1,657 ($216,223)
  • St. Charles-541 ($170,952)
  • Orchard Farm-177 ($194,856)

Now for our Individual School Winner…………….

Timberland Logo

Timberland Logo

CONGRATULATIONS to Wentiville-Timberland!!!!!!!!!! You are the winner with 750 Homes Sold in your School Area in 2014!!! Wentzville-Timberland has an Avg. Home Sale Price of$220,922. Consolation Prizes go to the following:

  • Francis Howell North-674 ($197,940)
  • Wentzville-Holt-656 ($201,055)
  • Francis Howell-648 ($274,121)
  • Ft. Zumwalt North-504 ($180,907)
  • Ft. Zumwalt West-482 ($212,608)
  • Francis Howell Central-457 ($180,405)
  • Ft. Zumwalt South-395 ($186,493)
  • Ft. Zumwalt East-365 ($196,180)
  • St. Charles-331 ($150,646)
  • Wentzville-Liberty-251 ($241,822)
  • St. Charles West-210 ($202,958)
  • Orchard Farm-177 ($194,856)

*Avg. Sales Price per home sold listed in Parenthesis.

Well, there it is!!!! The minions did hours of research and came up with these stats! Congrats to ALL of the New Homeowners in 2014!!! I hope you found the house you wanted and you enjoy/love your school as much as my family and I enjoy/love ours!!! Go SPARTANS!!!!! Good luck to all of the buyers looking for homes in 2015 and good luck to the homeowners looking to sell in 2015! As always, “Thank You” for reading my post and please contact me if you have any questions about real estate or if you have any real estate needs!!!