What are the most important criteria in selecting a home?

Location – Location – Location?


Great schools tend to be the #1 reason for moving to an area. For community insight, home buyers, with or without kids, should check out GreatSchools.com. Districts with high levels of achievement tend to have higher property values.

It’s amazing how closely tied home values are to quality schools. St. Charles County’s school districts include The City of Saint Charles, Orchard Farm, Francis Howell, Fort Zumwalt and Wentzville School Districts.

The Saint Charles County real estate market is booming and property values are on the rise. So, which district has the highest values?

Housing Averages YTD by School District

254 Sold – Average Price $164,020

127 Sold – Average Price $185,972

873 Sold – Average Price $203,020

841 Sold – Average Price $231,478

836 Sold – Average Price $234,950

Congratulations to Francis Howell School District on achieving the HIGHEST average home values in St. Charles County, Missouri. Francis Howell, Francis Howell North and Francis Howell Central High Schools are ranked among Missouri’s Top 25.

US News Top 25 High Schools

Check out Tom Hernandez’s Blog on 2014 rankings. Francis Howell was the 2014 county leader in number of homes sold and average sale price.